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    Enjoy a day at Dodger Stadium with over 300 of your closest TOLL friends!  We are SOLD OUT of the All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion and Field Level seats.  There are 10 seats remaining in the MVP Reserve section.

    Ticket Pick Up:  Jenny will be at the fields on Wed. 4/24 (4pm-7pm) and Sat. 4/27 (8am-12pm).  You can find her watching the Minors game from the outfield.  The Minors field is the lower field furthest from the snack shack.

    A TOLL Tradition Continues!  Check out the FNL page for details, including division assignments and Pregame Contests dates!

    Many of you have come forward and expressed your desire to be more involved with the league.  For some of you, this may mean becoming an elected member of the Board or a Committee Chairperson (which are not elected positions).   Our goal is to get everyone involved and to make sure everyone has the information and opportunity to be included.


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    -TOLL Board

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    Mailing Address

    2060 D Avenida De Los Arboles, #500
    Thousand Oaks, California 91362                            

    Field Conditions

    If we have had rain, TOLL board members will observe the condition of the fields and update Field Conditions status  as needed.  General rule: check here before heading to the fields!

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